Factors to Consider When Planning a Wine Country Trip

Would you like to take a trip to wine country? If you are a wine drinker, if you would like to learn more about the history of wine, or if you are just looking to have a good time, a wine country trip may be perfect for you.

When looking to plan a wine country trip, you will see that you have a number of different options. For that reason, there are a number of important factors that you will first want to take into consideration, before making your travel plans. These factors, when taken into consideration, can help to ensure that your next wine country trip is perfect.

Perhaps, the biggest factor to take into consideration, when looking to plan a wine country trip, is your intended destination. Did you know that there are a number of areas in the United States that are commonly referred to as wine country? These areas include parts of Northern California, Woodinville Washington, and the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Typically, when you examine wine country online, like when looking for lodging information or maps, you will find that wine country is used to describe the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley regions of Northern California.

Your intended dates of travel should also be another factor to take into consideration. Did you know that wine country tours are increasing in popularity all across the country? They are. For that reason, you may want to carefully choose your travel dates. To see wine country in full swing, most recommend coming in late spring and summer; however, it is also important to remember that these months are peak seasons for wine country tourism. One of the easiest ways to avoid the crowds is to avoid Saturday tours.

Weather is another factor that you should take into consideration, when looking to plan a trip to wine country. As previously stated, wine country is often used to describe a number of locations that are known for their production of fine wine. While most wineries are open for visitors all year round, California is the best for tours. You may find limited activities during the wintertime when visiting the Finger Lakes Region of New York, Woodinville Washington, as well as other smaller wine country areas.

How you plan to get around is another one of the many factors that you will want to take into consideration. Since most wineries have wines for visitors to sample, you may end up with quite a bit of wine in your system at the end of the day. For that reason, you will want to seriously examine your method of travel. In California, there are a number of guided wine tours that provide you with transportation and some other areas have these tours as well. Another option is to have a member of your traveling party be the designated driver. This may not be fun, but it is safe.

The above mentioned factors are just a few of the many that you will want to take into consideration, when looking to plan a trip to wine country. Another one involves deciding which activities you would like to participate in, as well as which wineries you would like to visit. In wine country, especially in California, there are so many wine activities, events, and festivals for you to choose from.

Top Rated Gulf Resorts in Mexico

Mexico is most often well-known for its amazing beaches. Each year, millions of tourists flock to Mexico in hopes of vacationing on some the “hottest,” beaches in the world. While most tourists are vacationing at overcrowded beaches, you could be enjoying your vacation at a Mexico golf resort.

As with all other popular vacation destinations, Mexico has a large number of golf resorts to choose from. In fact, there are so many golf resorts to choose from that you may be wondering exactly how you will be able to narrow down your search. Your first step should be to examine some of the most well-known golf resorts in the area. Below is an overview of five top rated golf resorts that you can find in Mexico.

(1) The Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina and Resort is not only one of the most popular golf resorts in Mexico, it is one of the most popular and top rated beach resorts. The resort is located in Manazanillo. What is most attractive about the Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina and Resort is that it is as secluded as you can get in Mexico.

The Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina, and Resort offers an unlimited nubmer of activities that are geared towards the mature crowd. Popular activities, aside from golfing, include boating, swimming, playing tennis, and more. The Isla Navidad Golf Course, Marina, and Resort is an ideal vacation destination for those who love golf and even for those who don’t.

(2) The Casa del Mar Golf Resort and Spa is located in Cabo San Lucas. Despite being a small golf resort, it is one of the most popular in all of Mexico. The small resort setting often makes it a popular vacation destination for those who are looking for privacy.

The Casa del Mar Golf Resort is most famously known for their Robert Trent Jones golf course. In addition to their well-known golf course, additional facilities include beaches, spas, beauty salons, pools, and tennis courts. As with most other golf resorts in Mexico, the Casa del Mar Golf Course caters to those who enjoy golfing and those who would rather be relaxing along the beach.

(3) The Westin Regina Golf Course and Beach Resort is located in Los Cobas. This modern resort offers a large number of activities and attractions to visitors. Of course, they are well-known for their golf course packages, but you are likely to find onsite activities for those who would rather be spending their time off the golf course.

As with most other golf courses and beach resorts, the Westin Regina Golf Course and Beach Resort offers traditional beach activities. These activities include sunbathing, swimming, and boating. In addition to beach activities, the Westin Regina Golf Course and Beach Resort is well-known for its horseback riding adventures.

(4) The Melia Cabo Real Beach and Golf Resort is located in Los Cabos. Vacationers looking for a popular golf resort should examine this one. It is known as one of the largest golf resorts Mexico. The onsite golf courses are well-known because they were developed by two of the most popular golfers in the history of the sport.

Vacationers, who are interested in spending time away from the onsite golf courses, have a nubmer of options. Being right by the shoreline, the Melia Cabo Real Beach and Golf Resort is perfect for those who wish to spend their vacation relaxing by the beach. Popular beach activities include snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing.

(5) The Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort is located in Valle de Bravo. Unlike the above mentioned golf resorts, the Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort is not located along the beach. Instead it is in the Sierra Madre Mountains. While vacationing at the resort, private cabin rentals or hotel accommodations are available.

In addition to onsite and nearby golf accommodations, the Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort is most well-known for its unbeatable spa treatments. Onsite swimming pools and tennis courts also make the Avandaro Golf Resort and Spa ideal for all who are vacationing in Mexico.

The above mentioned golf resorts are just a few of the many that can be found in or around Mexico. To select the perfect golf resort you are encouraged to consider what you want out of your trip to Mexico and what the others traveling with you want. Searching for golf resort destinations based on your needs is the best way to ensure you get everything you deserve out of your Mexico vacation.

Ellis Island: Site of Picnics, War, and Immigration

Ellis Island in New York Harbor was once the main immigration station for people
entering the United States. About a third of Americans can trace their ancestry to this
entry point. Today Ellis Island is a museum accessible by ferryboat.
The island is named for Samuel Ellis, a wealthy colonial landholder. He once owned the
land and used it as a picnic area. When selling the island, Ellis advertised it along with
several other items he had for sale, including “a few barrels of excellent shad and
herrings” and “a large Pleasure Sleigh, almost new”.
The U.S. War Department purchased the island for $10,000 in 1808. They built defenses
there in the buildup to the War of 1812. Fort Gibson was erected to house prisoners of
that conflict. Fifty years later during the Civil War, the Union army used the fort as a
munitions arsenal.
When the Civil War ended, Ellis Island was abandoned for twenty-five years. Then, in
1890, the government wanted a new immigration processing center. (This would replace
the Castle Garden Immigration Depot, the country’s first immigration station, which was
located on the tip of Manhattan.) Ellis Island opened in 1892 as the main processing point
for newcomers; at the time, about 70% of all immigrants passed through the island
The first immigrant processed was Annie Moore, a teenager from Ireland who was
meeting her parents in New York. (She received a $10 gold coin!) The Ellis Island staff
continued to process immigrant steamship passengers until 1954, when the last immigrant
was the Norwegian merchant seaman Arne Peterssen. In the more than six decades of
operation, the immigration building on Ellis Island saw more than 12 million hopeful
immigrants. After 1954, the building was not attended to for about thirty years. It was
eventually refurbished in the late 1980s and re-opened as a museum in 1990. It is now
under jurisdiction of the US National Park Service.
Immigrants’ experiences on Ellis Island differed with social class. Wealthier immigrants
who traveled first or second class generally entered automatically without delay. Third-
class steerage passengers had medical exams and interviews. In the end, about two
percent were sent back across the ocean after these procedures. With these people in
mind, Ellis is also known as “The Island of Tears” and or “Heartbreak Island”.
Standard interviews included twenty-nine questions, including name, skills, and amount
of money available. Adults who seemed “likely to become a public charge” would be
turned away. The medical exams on Ellis Island were brief; they usually lasted only six
seconds! However, people who appeared ill received much more attention. Chalk
markings were put on their clothes to indicate suspected medical conditions. People who
didn’t discreetly remove these markings were typically sent home or to the island’s
hospital. About three thousand people travelers died in Ellis Island’s hospital.
The United States enacted Quota Laws in 1924. These restricted immigration and
resulted in most processing being performed at embassies and consulates instead of
freestanding immigration stations. After 1924 Ellis Island was only sporadically used to
see war refugees and displaced persons. The island was used for Japanese internment and
to house German Americans accused of being Nazis.
Ellis Island was once the subject of a border dispute between New York and New Jersey.
Today the two states have divided ownership of the historic site: the main building
containing the museum is part of New York, and the old hospital buildings are part of
New Jersey. The monument has been managed and preserved by the National Park
Service since 1966.

Helpful Tips for Planning a Hawaii Family Vacation

Has your family recently selected Hawaii as the destination for your family’s next vacation? If so, you may be thrilled with your decision. With that said, there are some parents whose excitement is soon washed away when they get started with the planning process. Don’t let yourself be one of those parents. Vacations can and should be fun, even the planning process.

The first step that you will want to take involves determining when you should make your travel arrangements. It is advised that you do so at least two months in advance. If your family vacation is a summer vacation, even more time is recommended. As for why you should make your Hawaii travel in advance, doing so has a number of benefits. These benefits include more options, as well better rates.

How old are your children? If your children are under the age of twelve, it is important to think of the plane ride. Plane rides to Hawaii can be long and tiresome, especially for younger children. That is why you should bring a few supplies along with you. These supplies can include dry snacks, magazines, books, small toys, portable movie players, and a set of headphones. Teenagers can typically keep themselves occupied and decide on their own in-flight activities.

Once you have made your airline reservations, unless you are buying a vacation package, you will want to examine where you and your family want to stay. The good news is that you do have a number of different options. Hawaii vacation resorts, hotels, vacation homes, and condos are all great options.

Before making reservations for your overnight accommodations, it is important to do a small amount of research. Examine pictures of the hotel or vacation rental. Is it attractive? Does it look comfortable? Is there enough space for your whole family to move around and sleep comfortably? There should be. You will also want to examine onsite services and facilities. Typically, hotels and vacation resorts have more family friendly activities, like swimming pools and game rooms.

Next, you will want to make reservations for a car rental. If you are still unsure about renting a car, you will want to look at the benefits to doing so. Yes, public transportation is available on most Hawaiian Islands, but is it really worth the hassle? If you have a large family, it can be frustrating and time consuming to get all of your children onto a bus or into a taxi in enough time. Many parents like what private car rentals provide them with, including convenience and freedom.

Once you have made all of your important Hawaii travel arrangements, you will then want to examine vacation activities. Planning ahead is important when taking a family vacation. Why? Because not all Hawaii activities are family friendly or designed for individuals of all ages. If you and your family are interested in hiking, it is important to choose hiking trails that are kid friendly and easy to navigate. A standard internet search online can easily connect you to a large number of Hawaii activities or at least give you access to free Hawaii travel guides, which are often available for all of the Hawaiian Islands.

As previously stated, you can make all of your travel arrangements at once with the purchase of a Hawaii vacation package. If you are looking to save both time and money, you may want to do so. Many Hawaii travel packages include a stay at a hotel, a car rental, and airline reservations. If you are dreading the time and energy it takes to plan your family’s next vacation, travel packages are the perfect solution for you.

By taking the above mentioned steps, planning your next Hawaii family vacation doesn’t have to be stressful, frustrating, or overwhelming. As a reminder, you will want to be excited when making your travel plans, not regretting your decision to even take a vacation.

South California Camping Vacation – Enjoying Nature At Its Best

When was the last time you have had your vacation? For sure you have stayed in hotels, condos, villas, and other rented places throughout your stay in some distant place. What about something for a change? Instead of going back to a room with concrete walls after a long day of outdoor adventure, why not try camping? Tent camping is one of the best ways of spending your California vacation. You don’t only get to spend at least half the amount of what you are supposed to pay for your hotel accommodations but you also experience nature at its best.

Why Camp at Southern California

South California is a wonderful place to go to for your tent camping. Pitching tents and sleeping together also bring the family closer or strengthen the bond among friends. The southern portion of California actually has enticing camp grounds and the weather is just so fine that camping is possible all year round. For swimming purposes, there are nearby beaches to go to. You can also watch the sun set over the Pacific and experience how soothing it can be for your tired spirit and mind.

Tent camping for vacations is also twice the fun for the children. It is through which that they are able to learn how to fend for themselves. They also learn how to do practical things to be able to survive without all the modern amenities that they have been used to.

Where to Go in Southern California

For outdoor camping activities, California ranks as one of the most popular choices. Not only do the great terrains make it an attractive spot for campers but the warm temperature makes the state conducive for those who want to spend the time outdoors instead in the typical hotels.

A very famous camping site is the Yosemite National Park which extends up to more than 1,200 square miles. Being a very popular place to camp, it will be wise to make your reservations ahead of time.

Camping in any of the national parks allows you the access to many of the available amenities. You get to use the picnic amenities, restrooms, clean water, grilling amenities, and several other recreation activities. Some programs and exhibits are likewise featured so you can spend the night watching them. Your food will remain sumptuous especially that you can grill the meal of your choice. Another advantage of which is that you get to sleep more comfortably.

Among the best places to camp are the areas of San Diego, South Carlsbad State Beach, and the San Elijo State Beach. Whether you want to do some swimming, hiking, going around the forest, or just a quiet walk in the area, you can always enjoy the time. It doesn’t only lessen your worries but also brings you mental peace and rejuvenation of the spirit.

For people who prefer the very natural surroundings, meaning to say those with trees and the fresh breeze coming from the ocean, then, you may check out the camping locations in the beach or forests. These spots are generally less crowded so you will definitely take pleasure in the greeneries around you. You can hike up the nearby mountain, try fishing, or boating.

A South California camping vacation is nevertheless going to rid you of your worries about your deadlines, phone calls, and other stressors. Hence, be one with nature!

Ski Vacations on a Budget

When you start thinking about ski vacations, you will
find a lot of information about various resorts and
packages. Finding terrific vacation spots isn’t difficult,
however, finding ski vacations that fit into your budget
can be a challenge.

To save money, look for lesser known resorts. This
doesn’t mean that these resorts won’t provide you
with a fun vacation – it simply means that they aren’t
quite as well known as other resorts, and therefore,
the prices may be a great cheaper. Also look for ski
vacation packages that will include your lodging, lift
tickets, lessons, rentals, and possibly even some

Be willing to make some sacrifices if money is a real
issue. For instance, instead of eating in an expensive
restaurant each night, eat cheaper fast food, or make
sandwiches in your room. Borrow equipment from
friends instead of renting it. Join a group for lessons
instead of taking private lessons. Don’t stay at a
lodge, stay at a motel farther away from the slopes
if necessary. There are numerous ways that you can
cut down on the expense of your ski trip. It is all about
the powder after all!

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Cruise Ship Activities Geared Towards Teenagers

When it comes to taking a family vacation, it is often hard to find a vacation destination that targets the whole family. This becomes even more difficult when teenagers are involved. If you and your family are interested in having a relaxing, yet exciting vacation, you are encouraged to consider vacationing aboard a cruise ship.

Cruise ships are not what they were in the past. They have evolved in something spectacular. Aboard a cruise ship, you are granted access to a number of services, facilities, and activities. If you are the parent of a teenager, you may be wondering what cruise ship activities will peak their internet. The activities found aboard a cruise ship will all depend on the cruise line and ship in question. Despite the fact that cruise ship activities vary, there are number of common activities that are targeted towards teenagers.

Children of all ages, especially teenagers, enjoy swimming and relaxing by the side of a pool. All vacation cruise ships come equipped with a pool. These onboard pools are ideal for teenagers. With a lifeguard on duty, you can feel comfortable allowing your teenager to swim unattended while you enjoy other onboard activities. Most cruise ships have a standard adult size swimming pool, but additional pool styles may be available. A limited number of cruise ships have onboard lap pools or wave pools.

Arcade rooms can also be found aboard many cruise ships. Many arcade rooms are targeted towards younger children, but not all are. On a number of cruise ships, you may be able to find numerous arcade games that have a focus on teenagers. These games may include, but are not limited to fighting games, air hockey, and other interactive sports games. Most games found inside a cruise ship arcade require coins or tokens. If you plan on leaving your teenager unattended, be sure that they have enough money to play the games of their choice.

In addition to a swimming pool and an arcade room, most popular cruise lines have an onboard movie theater. At any given point throughout the day, a popular movie could be playing. Most of the movies shown onboard a cruise ship are designed for adults and teenagers. If you do not have a restriction on the types of movies that
your teenager can watch, they can have fun watching a movie in state-of-the-art movie theatres.

Arcade rooms, movie theatres, and swimming pools are facilities found on most cruise lines. Additional teen activities may be found aboard particular ships. These activities may include surfing, rock climbing, or ice skating. To determine whether these additional activities can be found aboard a cruise ship, you are encouraged to examine the cruise ship’s layout. All facilities and onboard activities should be explained in a diagram or in a printed explanation.

One of the few cruise lines that currently offers onboard ice skating is Royal Caribbean International. Royal Caribbean’s ship, Adventure of the Seas, has one of the most well-known onboard ice skating rinks. In addition to enjoying open skating, ice skating shows are offered on a regular basis. These shows can come in the form of a competition or an ice capades show that is geared towards the whole family.

The popularity of rock climbing walls has increased overtime. Onboard rock climbing walls are fun for teenagers. Similar activities are often explored in high school gym classes. For a small fee, your teenager could spend the day climbing high in the air. In addition to the excitement of climbing itself, extra excitement and thrills are added when you realize exactly how high you are above the sea.

A recent development in cruise ship activities has caused excitement among many teenager travelers. This activity is known as onboard surfing. Royal Caribbean recently developed the “Flowrider,” aboard their cruise ship, Freedom of the Seas. The “Flowrider,” simulates surfing waves in a safe and fun environment. This onboard activity is something that many teenagers would enjoy doing, time and time again.

The foresaid activities are just a few of the many that target teenagers. If you want to take a cruise, but are worried that your child will be bored, do not worry. It is easy to see that most cruise ships have a large number of fun and exciting activities that are geared towards teenagers, just like your own.

Water Sports in Hawaii

Ah, Hawaii the perfect vacation spots for a magical getaway in a tropical paradise. There are few vacation destinations that offer as many attractions as Hawaii. The island of Oahu boasts huge cities with lots of shopping as well some cultural activities nestled amongst the North Shore surfing villages. The island also is home to the memorial at Pearl Harbor, which is on the top of the list of must see for Oahu

There are ample opportunities for playing golf as well. All of the islands have golf courses. They range from world championship golf courses to quiet laid back courses that have little or no greens fees.

But really Hawaii is all about the water sports. The state is an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean that is home to some of the world’s best and largest waves. In fact surfing was invented here in the islands. Oahu and Maui are most well known for surfing, particularly the North Shore of both islands, but you can really expect to see some pretty great waves just about anywhere in Hawaii. If you are a beginner, you should stick to the beginner friendly waves like Waikiki Beach on Oahu and Lahaina in Maui. The big waves on the North Shore of the islands should be left to the experts.

Diving and Snorkeling are another popular pastime for vacationers in Hawaii. There are some world famous dive spots like the molokini crater located off the coast of Maui. You can expect to see a wide variety of sea creatures here, such as, sharks, sea turtles, rays, and tons of different tropical fish. This is a great spot for snorkeling, as well as scuba diving. If you are anxious to try scuba, but don’t think that you are quite ready; you could try a combination of the two called snuba. This is similar to scuba in that you have an air supply; however, it’s attached to the boat and it floats above you. With scuba, however, you have to carry your air supply with you in a tank on your back. This is a good compromise if you want to get a feel for breathing underwater, but are not quite ready to make the scuba commitment.

Maui in particular is great for windsurfing and kite boarding. Kite boarding is similar to windsurfing or wake boarding, but throw in the fact that you need to be able to fly a kite, and the sport suddenly becomes difficult to master.

Hawaiians have been kayaking since ancient times. If kayaking is your thing, Hawaii is the place to be. All of the islands have something different to offer. On Oahu, Kailua Bay is a popular kayaking spot, where you can paddle over to an uninhabited island for some respite for the very busy Waikiki Beach. On Maui Kealakekua Bay is a great place for Kayaking. These waters are responsible for the downfall of Captain Cook. Molokai offers some great kayaking for the more experienced paddlers. Whatever you water sport pleasure, Hawaii is sure to please.

Discount Cruise Ship Vacations: Do They Exist?

In today’s society, we live for deals, discounts, and other savings. If given the opportunity to save money, just about everyone would take it. The need to save may be apparent in your daily shopping habits. Many shoppers, maybe even yourself included, shop at discount stores or use multiple coupons. These actions may save you thousands of dollars each year. Do you know that in addition to saving money on your groceries, you could be saving money on your next cruise?

Discount cruise ship vacations are often viewed as a myth by many individuals. These individuals are most likely infrequent travelers. If you are interested in scheduling your next vacation aboard a cruise ship, you are encouraged not to believe this popular myth. Automatically assuming that cruise ship discounts do not exist can cost you a large amount of money and it may even prevent you from making a reservation.

When it comes to booking a discount cruise ship vacation, you have a number of different options. These options vary; therefore, you are encouraged to examine each and every one of them. You never know where cruise ship discounts may be found, that is until you begin searching for them. To get started, you are encouraged to visit a number of online discount travel websites.

Discount travel websites are a popular and easy way to obtain discounts on a wide range of vacations, including cruises. With a simple click of the mouse, you could easily compare prices and make your reservations. Expedia, Obitz, Travelocity, and Yahoo Travel are just a few of the many online discount travel websites. If you happen to come across additional discount websites, you are encouraged to fully research the website before providing them with your personal information.

In addition to viewing the discounts obtainable through an online travel website, you are also urged to contact cruise lines directly. In the event that you decide to take a last minute cruise, you may find a number of deals and discounts offered to last minute travelers. Last minute cruise ship discounts are often offered in a final attempt to fill empty cabins. These deals and discounts can easily be found online or by directly contacting a cruise ship representative.

It is also advised that you considered any membership clubs that you belong to. Triple A is a well-known travel agency. In addition to providing roadside vehicle assistance, they also offer valuable discounts on a wide range of vacations. AARP is another membership club that regularly offer travel discounts to its senior members. These discounts often include airline tickets and cruise ship reservations. Additional membership clubs may offer discounts. The only way to determine if discounts are available is to ask a club representative.

One alternative to researching cruise ship discounts yourself is to obtain the services of a professional travel agent. Travel agents operate online and locally. You may be able to obtain the services of a low-cost travel agent. Travel agents are popular. In addition to researching and suggesting particular cruise ships, they are often offered discounts that are not available to the general public.

With a small amount of time and research or professional assistance, you can easily obtain discount cruise ship tickets. Why avoid cruises altogether or pay full price for a reservation that can be obtained for a discount?

Safety First Advice for Women Travelers

Generally, there area lot of women travelers who get
stuck in being confused on what to do when traveling
alone. Women, being more of the vulnerable type, would
think that it can be quite scary embarking through
stranger’s land where everyone knows that you are a
new comer. Women, don’t fret. Here are some tips to
guide you make it through safe traveling. With these
safety first advices for traveling women, you can ease
out your concerns.

Advice # 1 – Always consider what to wear.

Your attire can accurately tell who you are and what
lies beneath that bag of yours. Every place is
different but nothing beats simplicity. if you are
going in East side countries wherein most places are
still “developing”, it is not wise to wear signature
clothes or branded shoes. This will not only make some
kind of commotion but also attract the eyes of
prowling thieves. In addition, other countries are
reprimanding the wearing of revealing clothes. How do
you go about this? Dress simply. Dress what locals
will dress. If necessary, buy clothes that you often
see them wear.

Advice # 2 – Stay away from suspicious strangers.

Remember, you are in a foreign country wherein people
can’t even understand a single word you’re saying.
That is why, it is better to stay away from suspicious
looking people. Give yourself the benefit of the

There is a perception that because women are weaker
than men in terms of muscle strength, they are more
vulnerable to get mobbed helplessly. You can choose to
stay in parts of the town where it is considered safe
but then again you will be defeating the main reason
why you’re traveling. You’ll miss all the fun of being
a traveler. Or you could do the following:

- Be watchful of the people around you. Call it
paranoia but better safe than sorry. Stay alert
especially in crowded areas because some thieves would
prefer to do their thing amongst a number of people.

- Take the jewelries off. It is not advisable to strut
your way through the busy streets of a foreign place
showing off your most priced jewelry. It’s like
saying, “Come and get me.”

- Carry a light and if necessary, a weapon for
protection. A heavy flashlight can be can be very
useful when you came home late or you’re passing
through a dark alley.

- Hide it under your undies. Yes, it can be quite
uncomfortable but it would be one of the safest places
to stash your money. If you’re wearing shoes, you can
hide it underneath or inside your socks or stockings.

Advice # 3 – Bring your medicines.

If traveling makes you sick, better have something to
prevent occurrences to happen. If you have asthma,
hypertension or any kind of illness that can strike
you anywhere, always have a solution to it – bring
your prescribed medicines. Never reach a point where
you have to stop everything or be rerouted just to get
you to the nearest hospital.

Equipped with these advices, you’ll be safer and be
much more confident. You can feel more relaxed to go
on a journey. Always be aware of your surroundings and
pay attention to odd people. Following these safety
first advices when traveling through different lands,
as a woman, can get you home in one piece safe and